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July 2023

The Role of Playgrounds and Outdoor Spaces in Preschool Learning

Playgrounds and outdoor spaces are much more than recreational areas for young children. In a preschool setting, these spaces play a crucial role in fostering holistic development, promoting social skills, enhancing physical abilities, and encouraging cognitive growth. This article explores the significance of playgrounds and outdoor spaces in preschool learning, highlighting their multifaceted benefits in nurturing young minds. Physical Development:...
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Preschool Joining: What to Expect and How to Make it Fun

Preschool joining is a big step for both children and parents. Children begin their formal education journey at this stage. However, it's natural for parents and kids to feel a mix of emotions, from excitement to apprehension, as they embark on this new adventure. In this article, we'll explore what to expect during preschool joining and share some practical tips...
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